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How does it work?
Your investment is minimal and does not concern the Quota platform but only the issuing of tokens. Our only commission is 2.5% on sold tokens and 7.5% on issued tokens. Everything here
It depends on the value of the project and what you want. The project is yours but if you were interested in one or more support partners, we have a dense network of alliances that can meet your every request, including legal and and tax support on an international level.
I know it is difficult for you to understand but we see so many ideas and all of them are always the best ideas capable of changing the world. An idea without a company behind it is just an idea destined to end up soon into oblivion. So no, we don’t have interest in stealing other people’s ideas, we already have too many of our own, but if you think you invented teleportation, don’t attach your projects here, contact us and ask for a protected meeting with our lawyers.
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Max 75
Campaign duration:
Max 120 days
Independent campaign:
Max 500.000€

Launch your project now on Oracle blockchain

Each  project launched on quota is managed
on a hyperledger blockchain ecosystem on servers
Oracle. For our future partners we want only the best.